About us

Our Heritage
Plantline traces its origins back to 1924 when the visionary nursery ‘Bos en Hoogenboom’ took root in Boskoop, the Netherlands. From humble beginnings, we’ve blossomed into a thriving force in the plant industry.

A Journey Across Borders
The next generation carried our green legacy across the UK, sharing the beauty of our plants with nurseries and garden centers nationwide.

A New Chapter
In 1987, the third generation stepped up. Their passion for nurturing nature led them to create something extraordinary. Enter Plantline—a dynamic van-sales company that not only showcases our own nursery’s gems but also curates treasures from other nurseries.

The Dream Team
Our founders—David Bos, Kees Cammeraat, Arjan Bos, and Max Hoogenboom—combine expertise in van and trolley sales to drive our success. Our skilled plant buyer ensures our collection features only the finest specimens.

On the Move
Starting with one lorry, Plantline now operates a fleet of five, delivering weekly across the UK. Furthermore we also began supplying garden centers in Poland in 2015 and expanded to Denmark in 2024.

Our Boskoop Roots
Nestled in Boskoop, a region renowned for its rich nursery heritage, Plantline thrives at the heart of the plant trade. We pride ourselves on sourcing the finest plants from local nurseries and the best growers across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This commitment ensures our plants are consistently superior in quality and competitively priced. We're always on the hunt for new varieties and inspiration to bring to our customers.

Personalized Van Sales
Our sales team visits customers weekly, fostering strong relationships and a deep understanding of their unique visions and needs. This close interaction allows us to stay ahead of trends and tailor our offerings to meet specific client demands. If a particular item isn't available during a visit, customers can place direct orders for the following week or arrange for earlier delivery with a minimum order of two trolleys.

Customer-Centric Service
At Plantline, every team member is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring our clients receive the best plants and support. Join us and experience the Plantline difference – where quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction grow together.

Your Green Oasis Awaits
Browse our selection, envision your garden centre's transformation, and place your order. Whether it’s a single sapling or a forest of dreams, we’re here to make it happen.